In-depth consultations that allow you to fundamentally take control of your own well-being.

What to expect
  • A private environment where you can feel calm to discuss any personal problems. 
  • Consultations that may take longer but can also be short, where you are given the freedom to digress. 
  • Personal and easy communication with Dr. Weber. No intermediaries. 
  • A practitioner who is involved and aware of your case at all times.
  • Guarantees a continuation framework. No delays in scheduling your next appointment.
A short explanation

General healthcare is the optimal social and democratic organization for well-being, but it cannot provide for all individual needs. Private consultations by doctors and other health specialists fill that gap in a professional way.


When you are faced with health issues, the personal aspects of your complaint can often be overshadowed by receiving a medical diagnosis and protocol of treatment. In the consultation, health is considered as the interaction between your personality and objective medical symptoms. It is the aim to seek what is specific in your physical, mental and emotional state and how that influences your health. 

Some practical information
  • Consultations are conducted primarily through virtual sessions.  Different virtual options are available for the convenience of the patient. On request, a live meeting could also be organized. 
  • Consultations can be in English, French, Dutch, or Spanish.
  • In general, consultations are one-on-one, but if you wish a partner or family member can be present. 

Medical practice

You can reach out to Dr. Weber for any health-related issues. The consultations are primarily therapeutic, meaning that at the core they consist in dialogue with a listening practitioner.

This practitioner is informed by a wide scope of medical and paramedical knowledge, serving as a framework to offer more personalized care. 

General medicine

Attention will be given to assure that you receive the optimal and up-to-date medical diagnosis, care, and treatment. 


Medical prescriptions stay in the hands of your family physician and/or specialist. François Weber’s focus is on therapeutic treatment with homeopathic or acupuncture support. Dr. Weber is also equipped to give: 

  • Advice on medical/psychological issues
  • Second opinion
  • Referrals

He can communicate between you and the healthcare system and is trained with the newest insights for elderly care.  


The homeopathic consultation offers a safe way to express personal feelings, thoughts, and complaints without them being labeled as a medical or psychological condition. You can opt for receiving  homeopathic prescriptions, according to the homeopathic doctrine.


Acupuncture continues to be a unique experience of physical and emotional response to an antique way of interacting with our refined sense of touch. It can form a base of knowledge that is usable to understand the patient.

Private virtual sessions for patients across Europe.