This is the official site for the private consultation practice of François Weber. It marks the continuation of his consultation work in Delft, Leiden, and Paris. Now accessible virtually for patients across Europe. Establishing with each patient a personal form of communication and dedicated attention.

Medical Career

Born in 1956 in The Hague, Dr. Weber is a French-Dutch physician with more than 30 years of experience in the medical field.

  • After completing his medical studies at LUMC, Leiden;
  • François studied acupuncture within the context of French university hospital research and clinical employment at CHU Bichat, Institut Ricci, ASMAF, Paris;
  • oriented himself toward homeopathy with a postgraduate from SHO, Wageningen;
  • and recently, acquired a consulting function for elderly care with the CRA degree at KU, Leuven. 
Writer and Speaker

Involved to speak about health, different approaches in healthcare, philosophy of medicine and related topics. 

Authentic Organization

Member of Authentic Organization, an organizational development consultancy operating across Europe, with the aim of improving personal and social well-being within the work environment. 

Travel and Therapy

Founder of Travel and Therapy, an initiative meant for people to take a bigger step into the journey of self-analysis and to examine how to orient ourselves in the future. 

Passionate about the individualized approach to health as a continuous path of discoveries.